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After 30 hours of travel from Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to Capim Grosso, I was rewarded with some serious rain pouring down from heaven. I instantly felt at home, even though the Dutch rain had been turned into some beautiful snow just before I left. Aija had picked me up from the Rodoviaria in Salvador, so by the time we entered Capim Grosso we caught up on a lot of topics concerning AEC-TEA. Jon and Rosângela flouted the rain just to come ad give me a warm welcome. The first week in Capim Grosso gave me a good impression about the town, the places to go, the snacks to eat and the way of life in the house and in general. I have met a lot of people, trained myself to memorize their names, tried to talk to a couple of them and knew for sure that I really have to work on my Portuguese a.s.a.p. I will give you a review on the list of things we did this week: Saturday, Jon and Aija gave me some time to settle and I visited Sacia´s yoga class. Sunday, Aija and me checked out the event on the Praça da Prefeitura (gym for the elderly and an performance by a children´s theatre group) and we went to visit Sacia and Fabio for their farewell lunch ( before the went to the States on holiday. We went to the feira to get some shopping done and we visited Sacia at the Academy on Monday. I had my first Portuguese lesson with Olga and we went to see Aline Barros perform on the big stage at the Praça da Prefeitura on Tuesday. Wednesday Ueiliton took me to see CAPS; the health center where volunteers can help out and here I participated in an capoeira class. Thursday, Jon took me to see COOPES (another place where volunteers can participate) ,I met some AEC-TEA students who had to take an retake English test and Aija, Kelly and me went for a walk. Friday, Aija and me worked on the garden, I had my second lesson with Olga ( while having a manicure, que chique!) and I visited Jailma´s house. Saturday I had to go back to Salvador to get my luggage, because it had been in Sao Paulo for a week. Sunday I stayed in Salvador to do some serious sightseeing. We´ve been doing all of this and even more. I didn’t even tell you about out cultural program called: “taste all the local snacks in one week”. Yes people, AEC-TEA means hard work and I’m willing to get with the program. But the official program didn´t start yet so getting orientated is the first thing to do now. I’m happy to have Jon, Aija and Jailma around to fill in the blanks for me. Até logo, Céline

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